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Against Retrograde Motion: Overturning the Capitalist Paradigm When I was an adjunct English instructor I discussed the trial of Galileo in all my classes, whether creative writing, survey of literature or basic college composition. I consider this incident a key entry into understanding the role of intellectual thought and inquiry within human society. Few isolated … Continue reading

The Threat of the Compartmentalized Consciousness “Modern man protects himself from seeing his own split state by a system of compartments. Certain areas of outer life and his own behavior are kept, as it were, in separate drawers and are never confronted with one another.” “If, for a moment, we regard mankind as one individual, … Continue reading

Against Inertia The capitalist philosophy arose out of the enlightenment; if it was the child of Adam Smith, it was certainly the grandson of Isaac Newton and a direct descendent of Descartes. Capitalism was the inevitable result of the mechanistic view of reality taking hold of human consciousness: that the Universe itself was simply a … Continue reading

After the Empire of Convenience Plays Out This has been the epoch of miracles in daily life. With the mere flick of a tiny plastic switch, even the smallest child can send the cursed and ancient dark to flight. Warm rooms are to be taken for granted by all but the most destitute and miserable. … Continue reading

Leaving the Cave and Unplugging the Hologram: Philosophy in an Age of Crisis Plato’s Allegory of the Cave addresses the limited understanding and acceptance of reality that marks most human experience. As in much of Plato’s work, the main character and spokesman for his ideas is his former teacher, the heroically martyred, Athenian philosopher Socrates. … Continue reading

The Faint Memory of the Golden Age in a Time of Darkness

The past few generations of people who have lived on this planet have seen great wars of massive destruction; dizzying technological advancements; mighty nations and empires fallen; world economics transformed; populations exploding; strange new viruses and diseases; the weather itself altered and grown more hostile. The history of humanity has always known war, famine and … Continue reading

Conspiracies Considered

As a poet, a rogue philosopher, and non-academic researcher, toiling in my own obscure corners of the empire, I have often enough come upon various renegade theories intended to explain the true, hidden nature of political control. Many writers and outsider scholars have purported to find evidence for a secret “illuminati” pulling the strings of … Continue reading

The Black Magic of Political Control in America

A Crisis of Consciousness: The Black Magic of Political Power in the United States and the Battle for Health Care Reform By using the term “black magic” I do not mean to imply that the economic elites who control our economy and political process do so by means of occult ritual, séance and the summoning … Continue reading

Environmental Assassins in Upstate New York

Natural Gas Companies’ “Hydrofracking” Represents a Dangerous Threat to the New York State Ecosystem, New York City Water Supply The Marcellus Shale Formation is an immense unit of marine sedimentary rock that spreads over most of northwestern Pennsylvania and across New York State from the far southwest corner in Chautauqua County to the Catskill Mountains, … Continue reading

Notes from Justice in Health Care Forum in Rochester, NY 11-15-09

Notes from Forum on Justice in Health Care Held in Rochester on November 15, 2009 Panel: Jeff Cohen, Moderator; Congressman Eric Massa; Donna Smith of California Nurses Association; Political Strategist Steve Cobble; PNHP Member and working Physician Emily Queenan, Held in Dryden Theater of the George Eastman House Museum A crowd of perhaps 200-250 people … Continue reading