Briggs Seekins is a poet and philosopher who writes out of Ithaca, New York.



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  1. We had all hit the ground, except you. It haunts me, remembering you walking peacefully through the shattering green lights of the 51st advance. You’d place the entire Republican Guard on hold, with your M-16 dangling from the strap on your shoulder; the only gallop to your step was choreographed by your fingers flipping through a paperback book. My battle buddy, one crazy mo-fo Seekings … all hell was breaking loose, tracks grinding and gearing, heavy metals pounded into silence from the distant explosions … and you wanted to trade me MREs. How the hell are you? I hope you are well and living large. It’s Todd McQuage, one of those no slack crazy mo-fos … (life is good). And where the hell is your book asshole, I had to listen to you ramble on and on about it in the desert for a freaking year! Hell that was some 20 years ago, I am going to beat you too it I’m afraid. Get off your ass and write.

    Posted by Todd McQuage | June 7, 2011, 5:09 am
    • Todd–Great to hear from you, although I am disappointed that you don’t remember that I carried a SAW gun during Desert Shield/Storm/Saber/etcetera. I hope you have beaten me to it, if so I can’t wait tosee it. I actually remember that book YOU were trying to write addressed to some Iraqi soldier whose helmet we found better than whatever I was writing at the time.

      Posted by briggsseekins | June 8, 2011, 1:23 pm
  2. Briggs, how could I have forgotten, that’s right—you did carry the SAW gun. Thanks for reminding me, and yes, I still have the story I wrote in the Gulf, it’s in a shoe box beside the Iraqi helmet we found. You know, I still can’t find anyone who believes that we used to warm our coffee using C4 explosives; you’d have to vouch for me on that … or is that another mental divot in my led garden? I haven’t thought much of the Gulf since hitting the tarmac in sneakers, bumping into you brings back a flood of memories. You were a good friend in a very trying time, if I did not thank you, thanks!
    Are you writing? I’ve been working on a middle-grade novel (when I can find the time).

    Posted by Todd McQuage | June 9, 2011, 2:00 am
  3. Hell yeah we used to warm up our coffee with C4! We had so much of it that didn’t get used for its intended purposes. Usually only people who have actually handled C4 understand that one, though. You were a good friend, too, Todd. You were definitely one of the only people whose opinion I paid much attention to for a good stretch of time that year. If I remember right we had only been back in Germany about a week or so at this point 20 years ago and hadn’t been sober since hitting the barracks. I still try to make time to write. Lately I have mostly been writing about boxing for an internet site.

    Posted by Briggs Seekins | June 9, 2011, 9:48 am

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